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Hoover Windshield Repair is firmly committed to our environment. Our philosophy is and always will be, repair when possible, replace when necessary. Windshields are not eco-friendly, as they are rarely recycled. Since 2000, Hoover Windshield Repair has saved over 500,000 pounds of waste from entering our local landfills. Every repaired windshield means less in our landfills, and fewer resources used. We think that is a good idea.
Hoover Windshield Repair is committed to providing the best windshield repair and replacement services to our customers. We will always give you the best possible options for service. We also will strive to give you the most economical price while never sacrificing on the quality of our work.
Why wait around for a technician to come to you? We work on your schedule! Our current average repair time is: minutes The Hoover Windshield Repair technicians have performed THOUSANDS of windshield crack repairs since 2000 This means that we are FAST, but we never sacrifice Quality! We pride ourselves in the fact that we use the highest quality repair products available today.
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